Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Manners Matter

Manners Matter

By Penelope Carlevato, RN “Merit, even of the highest, without a corresponding good manner, is like a flower without perfume or a tree without leaves.” “The...
The Healing Power Of Music

The Healing Power of Music: Studies Show Music is Healthy for the Whole Body

By Tamra Klaty You've probably seen those videos of an elderly person, perhaps in a nursing home, exhibiting some agitation or sadness. Then someone starts...
Does Cursive Writing Matter Anymore?

Does Cursive Writing Matter Anymore?

By Penelope Carlevato, RN Usually, a child begins to learn cursive writing in the 3rd grade. Still, with 41 states and the District of Columbia...
Promoting Education And Prevention For HIV

Wellness Services of Flint: Promoting Education and Prevention

By Rebecca Metcalf Wellness Services, Inc. of Flint, Mich., was formed to empower people affected by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) while promoting education and prevention....

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Where and How To Keep Bicycling Year Round

Don’t Let Winter Get You Down! Keep Bicycling Year-Round!

By Jason Lorenz It has come. Winter is here in the Midwest, bringing cold, wind, snow, ice and terrible road conditions. What it takes away...
Shining The Light On Seasonal Affective Disorder

S.A.D. Time Doesn’t Have To Be: Shining a Light on Seasonal Affective...

By Mark Rummel This is the perfect time to shine a bright light on these S.A.D. days, medical experts believe. Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) is...
Tel K. Ganesan

An Interview with Publisher Tel K. Ganesan: Teaching Flint How To...

By Jason Lorenz Everyone needs a little health alignment now and then. If you' reading this magazine, it means you have an interest in leading...
Satirist Mark Burnash Takes On The Fit Thing 3k

The Fit Thing 3000!

By Mark Burnash, Satirist Prepare for the most amazing, most revolution breakthrough in the body transformation technology! Are you tired of doing activities you enjoy to...
A New Year And A New You! Top Health Trends In 2020

A New Year and a New You! Top Trends in Health...

By Sally Rummel Fitness trends can change as fast as the style of your workout wardrobe but watch for a new focus on your total...
Mclaren Aligns With St. Lukes To Provide State Of The Art Cancer Facility

McLaren Aligns with St. Luke’s to Provide State-of-the-Art Cancer Facility

St. Luke’s Hospital and McLaren Health Care Officials Sign Letter Of Intent  Following months of planning and consideration, St. Luke’s Hospital in Maumee, Ohio, and  McLaren Health Care have...

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